23 dic. 2008


"That was not funny, wasn't it?"...

P.D. Need to colour this one...probably using PS (If I manage to control it).

4 dic. 2008


Now that the image is with its righteous masters I can show it.

A snapshot of the fight between Son Gokuh, the Monkey king, and Freeza, the cold hearted posh kid of a cosmic mafia boss. Albeit quite a plain character, I have always found Gokuh extremely fascinating. As a typical super hero he uses his stregth to defend the inocents. However, that is not the main reason why he fights against villains. The main reason is just to test the limits of his own strength...no matter what consequences his powers can bring upon the defended... such as the destruction of cities or even planets. So, isn´t he a bit of a bastard?

11 sept. 2008


Silence...that was the only and the last thing you would get from him.

31 ago. 2008


Self-explanatory picture. But I need to say that this style is inspired by the awesome Pure-One (Linked need) also known as the EGG or the amazing Caveman.

P.D. We are in the fucking breich!!!!

30 ago. 2008


And there she was...lonely in front of the danger.Could she stand the mechanical strenght of the iron behemoth? Could that fragile thing resist the apparently obvious end? ... Actually, Not. She couldn´t. She was pulped down to nothing. HAHAHAHAHA (malevolous laugh)

P.D. To any daisy lover...I promise you that no daisy was harmed during the drawing process. In fact, the tank and the daisy are now a happily non-stop-fucking-like-rabbits married couple.

1 jun. 2008


Dear children,

Be always aware of those who surround you: your neighbours, your teachers, your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your pets...they can be the eyes of the enemy, the ears of the enemy, the mouth of the enemy...they can bring the atomic destruction upon our glorious comunity. Be always Alert, always Ready.

your faithful comrade,


23 mar. 2008

Flying Pig

He crossed the skies swirling gracefully and avoiding every single enemy bullet. No enemy plane could match the way he moved. He fought for honour, for his country, for freedom, for the innocents, but above all, he fought just to show off.
(Porco Rosso Homage)

19 feb. 2008

Little red riding Hardcore

She rode him with steel and leather; he rode her with the long spiky thingy...and you just don´t want to know what grandma did.

18 ene. 2008


Every great nation is always born from a decisive event. This was the moment when MOUSE NATION came to be.

12 ene. 2008

Red Audrey

Were she to be born under the steel, How red do you think she would had been ? I might even feel sorry about this one, she was always kind of cute...what the hell, she was f****** hot.