8 oct. 2011

Vampire Leisure Time

Well, I have already submitted this design to threadless. Let see if they approved it. so far here you have the image.


14 ago. 2011

Sun´s Moods

Well apparently scientists at NASA have recently discovered that the Suns Mood changes with the wavelength...

P.D. The images used are Courtesy of SOHO/[instrument] consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

9 ago. 2011

Bul Fighter vs 1.0

The last version of the Bull Fighter. Soon I will send it to Designed By Humans Front and back images. The tattoos read:

- Nulli secudus : second to none. (under the neck)
- God is my judge (left shoulder)
- Omnia mors aequat: Death equals all things (right arm)
- Morituri me Salutant: Those who are going to die, salute me. (back)
- Maestranza, Ventas, Monumental, Misericordia y Malagueta. Famous Bull fighting arenas in Spain. (back)

In the right shoulder you can see the cross of Santiago. In the left arm a celtic cross. In the lower back the alpha and omega. In the back there is also a labyrinth.

Again these images are neither an apology to full fighter nor a glorification. Just a cool character.

18 jul. 2011


Just keep, keep, keep falling... until...Splash! And a burst of colors.

Test image for a potential invitation card. I did this trying to imitate the style of some graffiti artist I have seen around (Suso33). Awesome style. A combination of pencils, ink and PS.

13 jul. 2011

Bull Fighter

My latest Project for a T-shirt submission. Still in the making. This is version 0.2. Main character done in graphite, addons in PS. Just playing around with some tattoos and some particular piercings. I wanted to add the names of some famous plazas and some more religious imaginery (Bull fighting is quite linked to religious events).

I am not very happy with the final result. It is not not exactly the image that was in my head. I did not try hard enough to get realism in the bull head. Thus the comic style of it...And extra practising is really needed for human anatomy and extra graphite lights and shadow games. Despite all, it is quite fun to make.


P.S. This image does not pretend to be neither a critic to bull fighting, nor some attempt to glorify it. The objective is to create a cool character.

5 jul. 2011

Digital vs Handmade

Sometime ago I made three drawings as a present to someone. Recently, I was tasked with the mission of improving the contrast of the images. Apparently the illos did not have enough color. All of them, including the one shown above, have pastel colors and, therefore, are not ideal for a white wall. I accepted the challenge (actually not a very difficult one). Since I did not dare messing with the original, I decided to use PS. This is the result and the comparison between both images. Enjoy.

8 abr. 2011

Dusk Rider

A new submission for Threadless. This time some Pop culture around. My version of the 80s favourite ride.


Link to the submisison