14 ago. 2011

Sun´s Moods

Well apparently scientists at NASA have recently discovered that the Suns Mood changes with the wavelength...

P.D. The images used are Courtesy of SOHO/[instrument] consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

9 ago. 2011

Bul Fighter vs 1.0

The last version of the Bull Fighter. Soon I will send it to Designed By Humans Front and back images. The tattoos read:

- Nulli secudus : second to none. (under the neck)
- God is my judge (left shoulder)
- Omnia mors aequat: Death equals all things (right arm)
- Morituri me Salutant: Those who are going to die, salute me. (back)
- Maestranza, Ventas, Monumental, Misericordia y Malagueta. Famous Bull fighting arenas in Spain. (back)

In the right shoulder you can see the cross of Santiago. In the left arm a celtic cross. In the lower back the alpha and omega. In the back there is also a labyrinth.

Again these images are neither an apology to full fighter nor a glorification. Just a cool character.